Pspice simulation with using Wien bridge oscillator

Part1:  To investigate the magnitude and phase response of the frequency determining network

  Wien bridge network

  1. Plot magnitude and phase response of the network circuit against frequency (from 10Hz to 1M Hz)

  Here is the simulation setting

In this laboratory experiment, we need to design the frequency determining network for a 1k Hz sinusoidal oscillator. Therefore, we should set:
Capacitance = 100nF
Resistance = 1520 ohm

Oscillating frequency: at 1000 Hz



Remark: You may verify the magnitude and phase response at different oscillating frequencies.

Oscillating frequency:
at 10 Hz


Oscillating frequency:
at 100Hz


Oscillating frequency:
at 10k Hz


Oscillating frequency:
at 100k Hz


Oscillating frequency:
at 1M Hz



Part2:     To investigate the performance of oscillator circuit design
Wien bridge oscillator

Plot output voltage waveform of oscillator:
 Here is the simulation setting




Output voltage waveform of oscillator with varying the value of R1:

Set R1 = 2033 ohm  (The loop gain is about to 1, sustained oscillation is resulted.)

Ser R1=2.1k ohm (The loop gain is greater than 1, overdamping oscillation is resulted.)


Set R1= 1.9k ohm (The loop gain is smaller than 1, underdamping oscillation is resulted.)